My friend Tasha told me about the makeup eraser so I bought a set of two. I am thoroughly impressed with this product. It is $19.97 for a set of two (buy one get one free right now). It is a super soft cloth that removes makeup using only water.

A makeup eraser cloth can be washed about 1000 times too! It takes off your makeup with only water. No soap or makeup remover product needed! And it works. It takes off mascara easily. That I was skeptical about, until I tried it myself. I thought “how can a cloth take off mascara without using any product?” It works though and does the job really well! It is also the softest cloth you will own in your home. It is so nice using it on my face at the end of the day. I would buy these all over again in a heartbeat! Thank you Tasha for telling me about this product! No more buying disposable makeup remover cloths. Since I spend about $5 a month on the disposable cloths, this purchase will pay for itself in 4 months. Now, I don’t have to buy any more for years! 1000 washes multipled by 2 makeup erasers equals plenty of years of use!!

If you want to order these, please order through Tasha’s link. She has donated two makeup erasers for this week’s giveaway on Living Joy Daily. Thank you again Tasha! Here is her link:

The drawing for this week will take place on Sunday March 26th. I will do the drawing on the blog Facebook page using Facebook Live.  Simply comment on the thread for this posting on Facebook and you are entered! Comment on the group page thread, not my personal page, in order to qualify for entry.