Photo by Hilary Joselyn Photography

It is Bluebonnet season once again here in Texas. It is traditon with many families, including ours to do annual photos with the Bluebonnets. Here are our photos from last year with Kristen Hafner: Bluebonnet Photos These flowers are a beautiful blue and purple hue that require the right selection of clothing to make the photos look fabulous. You don’t want floral prints or colors that clash with the Bluebonnets. I would also avoid multicolored patterns. They distract from the beauty of the flowers and make the photo look too busy. The flowers are busy enough.  My favorite choice is simple white. It looks elegant and classic, so you can hang the photos in your home for years or decades to come. Children look sweet and innocent in white as well (and isn’t that how we want to remember them). My other top two choices are pastels: pink and yellow. They look great with the Bluebonnets, as can see in these photos below (from Pinterest):

For our photos last year I selected pink and white. The dress is Well Dressed Wolf. The boys wore white dress shirts and white shorts.

Photo by Kristen Hafner

Here are some additional photos from Pinterest of good clothing choices for Bluebonnet photos: 


You may be wondering where you can find good options in the stores for Bluebonnet photos right now. Here is what I can suggest for girls and boys:

1.Target has a line called Cat and Jack. They have affordable, yet very adorable clothing for kids. I love this eyelet dress for only $14.99.

2. This Cat and Jack pink dress from Target is also a great option! It is $24.99.

3. I saw this Cat and Jack pink eyelet dress in a Target store and literally fell in love. It is $24.99.

4. For boys, Target has a Cat and Jack white oxford on sale for under $7! I am going to get a couple for my twins at this price! I would pair with either white shorts or the lightest khaki possible.

5. A standard white polo is also a great choice for boys.

6. My favorite for little boys is the Jon Jon. I have purchased a number of them on Etsy. This seller below is one of my favorites. You can order in many different colors too. I ordered our white Jon Jons from her. I pair them with short sleeve dress shirts (the Peter Pan color is my favorite-which can also be found on Etsy)

The key to good Bluebonnet photos is not having the clothing distract from the photos, so it’s best to keep things simple and classic. It tends to look best when only one color is used for all the children being photographed. If you can’t keep it at one color, then I would do two colors max. That’s just my preference, but I like highlighting the children and the flowers rather than clothing choices.

We have done Bluebonnet photos with Hilary Joselyn Photography and also with Kristen Hafner. Below are links to their work: