Can you imagine living in this world and not being able to hear? To suddenly lose all ability to hear anything at all? No more beautiful music to enjoy, no ability to communicate verbally because you can can’t hear yourself or others, and no ability to hear the world around you. Silence. All the time. What if it was your child? That’s the life of my friends Kathryn and Patrick. Their daughter went completely deaf in one ear and the other ear severely diminished. She was unable to learn to speak because she could not hear. On top of it they learned that insurance does not cover hearing aids or cochlear implants (which cost thousands upon thousands of dollars). Fortunately, they were able to cover the cost of their daughter’s cochlear implant and hearing aids. Many kids are not so lucky.

That is why I appreciate and support the work that the Dallas Hearing foundation is doing not just locally, but around the world. They provide hearing aids, cochlear implants, and surgeries to children and adults who can’t afford them. Their work is a gift to the many families and individuals that they are helping.

Last night Kathryn and Patrick invited Justin and I, along with three other couples to attend the 20th year event for the Dallas Hearing Foundation.

It was a gala that raises money for this wonderful non-profit. We had a great time, and enjoyed supporting a cause that gives people the gift of hearing. The Foundation had several of the people they have helped over the years in attendance including a now college aged woman from Kosovo and a toddler from Belize. Both received surgeries and cochlear implants from the Dallas Hearing Foundation. The young woman from Kosovo is now a college student studying engineering. The toddler is now speaking and coming out of her shell. What the Dallas Hearing Foundation did for these individuals has changed the course of their lives. This Foundation is giving people not only the joy of sound back in their lives, but also a life they may not have otherwise had. Hearing provides opportunities and benefits you may never realize until you lose the gift of hearing.

Below is some information from the Dallas Hearing Foundation’s Website:

Some photos of our group at the gala-