We had guests for Christmas, but after they left we had a week with the kids off from school. We decided to go camping. Not tent camping, but camping in our fifth wheel camper. Justin made reservations at Canyon of the Eagle in Burnett, Texas. This is Hill Country Texas, which is known for the rolling hills, beautiful nature, and gorgeous lakes. Canyon of the Eagle is located on Lake Buchanan. https://canyonoftheeagles.com/

I had actually been there once before. I stayed there last year when I spoke at a conference on the property. They have cabins for rent on property and I found it to be quite lovely. It was a great place to go back and visit with the family. It is not a typical camping location, it is better. What make this place unique is the amenities. They have restaurants, bar, conference facility, and resort style cabins (meaning you don’t need bring anything like bedding or towels, it is much like a hotel stay).

The resort is gated and anyone entering the property must be registered as a guest in order to enter the property.

This place was perfect for a week of relaxation. It was quiet and peaceful the entire week. Even with our three kids there! We enjoyed hiking on their trails and going down to the lake area. It was too cool to swim, but the surroundings were beautiful with nature everywhere we turned.

This property is in the middle of nowhere. The nearest town is at least a 25 minute drive and there is no Walmart or Target. They do have an HEB grocery store, which was all we needed during the week anyway. Austin is located about 90 minutes from this resort.

I recommend Canyon of the Eagle if you are looking for a place to find some peace, quiet, and nature. They don’t have many campsites on property, but RV campers do have access to all resort amenities. I recommend booking Your RV sites in advance if you want to stay there during the summer months, since there aren’t hundreds of sites available.

One of the most interesting aspects of this resort is their observatory. Canyon of the Eagle is located in official dark sky area. This means the stars are bright and you can see the Milky Way on clear nights. The observatory is free for guests to access and they have professional presentations about the night sky, stars, constellations, and our galaxy on most nights. They have massive telescopes and will allow you to view the night sky up close. We went to the presentations two of the nights we were there. It was an amazing experience, not only educational for the kids but for Justin and I too.

Below are photos I took during our stay at Canyon of the Eagle. This place gets 2 thumbs up from our family! (I am not compensated in any way for recommending this resort, I simply like to make good recommendations based on my personal experience).