My kids were not well all week (thank you Jesus they are better each day though!). They recovered from the croup, but then all 3 had a cold and fever that kept us from doing much of anything all week long. They didn’t attend school on Thursday. However, I still had lots to do on Friday and with even myself still under the weather, I had to rise to occasion to be there for the Lake Cities Moms of Multiples garage sale. This is my second year as President. Last year I missed our garage sale events because I was out of town for previously scheduled engagements I couldn’t cancel (our trip to FL to visit family and my speaking engagement at Glory Gals in WI). I had promised my board I would be there this year and be there for all the selling hours as well as set up. Friday I was there from 9:45 AM to 9:45 PM. On Saturday I was back there for opening at 6:45 AM. I staying until after closing and through most of the clean up. By 2 PM on Saturday I hit a wall. I am usually a woman on the go with nonstop activity. Having sick kids and getting sick myself just took the wind out of my sails.

I am happy I was there for the sale though, with my smile and enthusiasm in tact. It was a very successful sale!

I worked the register a great deal and it was a continuous, non stop check out line. We were working fast to keep the line moving all weekend. We didn’t want people walking out because the check out line was too long! I am so proud of my club members!! We joined forces with the Mid Cities Moms of Multiples club for this sale. It made it bigger, better, and with more abundant help than we have had previously. These sweet moms all have twins, triplets, and some have quads!! They were there volunteering their time to make the sale run smoothly and successfully. We all sold items and a percentage went back to both clubs. It is a win-win-win situation!

It was the women in the club that made it all happen! Especially Kristie, our board member who has been running the sale for a number of years. We created a new board role to help her out. A garage sale apprentice. Leslie volunteered for this role and did a wonderful job! I am so thankful to have Krisite and Leslie on the board. A sale of this magnitude can’t happen without good core leadership, which is what these ladies provided all weekend long, as well as the weeks and months leading up to the event. They lived and breathed this sale. It paid off! Many happy buyers, sellers, and money to fund several of our family events including our biggest event- our Christmas party. Santa will be there along with Mrs. clause, thanks to the hard work of so many. If you are in the club and missed the Christmas party last year, don’t miss it this year! We will do the same this year as we did last year, as it was so well received. The club provided pizza and beverages for the event. We rented out “The Jungle” a huge, fun, indoor playground. We had Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause, who entertained toy requests and photos with every child. We also had a gift for every child (a hard cover Christmas book). We also had larger door prizes that 6 kids won.

Thank you to all who made this weekend successful, as it ensures funding for our Christmas event along with other events throughout the year!

We are thankful for partnership with other community organizations in making this event happen. The Lion’s club allows us to use their “Den”, a huge warehouse with plenty of parking for shoppers. A local Boy Scoup Troop helps us after the sale by gathering up all unsold items to return to buyers for pick up at a specified time. Much of our unsold items went to local charities. Our favorite charity to give our items to is My Chosen Ones. It is a charity that supports local foster/adoptive children by giving them free clothing, furniture, toys, etc.  They are or were in a bit of a transition with their storage facilities so were unable to take our donation this round. Next time we will make sure it goes to them. It is a great pairing for our organization. Our families may be stretched themselves with little time to volunteer, but it feels good to give back when we can, where it makes the biggest impact. Giving our items to My Chosen Ones has blessed my heart in the past. Especially, since my husband and I were once foster parents and it is a ministry close to our hearts.

My heart is joyful that my kids are better, I feel rested tonight, and the garage sale was a success!! Thank you to everyone who made it happen!

Oh, and did I mention all the deals so many families in the area were able to get because of this sale! Many kids in the area have (new to them) gently used and often new clothing, toys, furniture, strollers, high chairs, gear, etc.. because the prices were so reasonable (and in some cases downright cheap!).