We missed everything this weekend. Having sick kids can feel like you are under house arrest. We missed a kid’s birthday party that looked like awesome fun- they even had a real monkey at the party! I won’t be telling Brielle what she missed out on. I also missed my friend Susan’s birthday party on Saturday night. Finally, on Sunday we had to miss Church and the MOPS family barbecue. If you know me well, you know I do not like to sit still. I like to stay busy and be active. With that being said this weekend was not one that I want to repeat anytime soon.

HOWEVER, I did get a piece of original artwork in the mail from my sister Natalie. It was a piece that she purchased in Italy while stationed there as a Military Police Officer in the Navy. She just moved into a new home recently and decided that there wasn’t a place for it. I have always loved this painting. I love Degas and it reminds me of that style. I appreciate original artwork. It was the highlight of my weekend getting this in the mail. Thank you Natalie! Love you!!

painting from Natalie