Late spring and early summer this year I helped my friend Krista with her upstairs media/playroom space. She wanted help changing the décor to a beach/ nautical theme. She wanted to make the space more kid friendly, yet a nice place for adults to lounge as well. We did a good job on this project together. It is certainly a space that works for both kids and adults. We were there today for a playdate, so I took some photos of the room now that is complete. It is a fun space for the kids, especially with the club house! Below are some of the before and after photos.

For the bar that was there, it wasn’t being used, but it is a beautiful quality piece they wanted to use in the future. We got creative and I made a fabric cover to go around the front of the bar, so that it would match the new theme in the room. I attached it using removable 3M tape that is attached to Velcro. That way if the kids pull on it, the fabric easily comes off via the velcro without damaging anything. Then it can be easily reattached using the velcro. Easy on and off for any cleaning too.  We picked up some extra space in the room by pushing the bar against the wall, since the shelves weren’t being utilized on the backside anyway. We also removed the excercise equipment as it wasn’t being used and sold the day bed online. They purchased a high quality inflatable bed with a foam topper on it to use for guests upstairs. They have a guest room as well, so the bed upstairs would only be used on more rare occasions. Removing the day bed helped pick up a lot more play space for the kids.





The club house is a great addition to this room. The kids love to play up on top. The bottom half was previously open below the clubhouse. I sewed curtains and attached some nautical flags I also made. We hung these curtains below the clubhouse, so that we could hide all the toys to keep them out of sight when the kids were not playing with them. The kids can also play underneath as well. The curtains move on rods easily, so the space can be made open by pushing the curtains to each side. We found the dark blue rug online. It has a ship wheel on the rug, which adds to the décor theme. We added some pillows and cushions up on top of the clubhouse to make it a cozy space for the kids to read. Krista’s husband added the cushy red floor to the top of the clubhouse floor, which looks great! Krista and her husband also added lights around the top of the clubhouse. The lights change colors and have a remote too! They look especially cool when the room is darkened.

For the space behind the couch, there was a door that goes to the attic. Krista wanted us to hide the door, but leave it accessible. We found the best solution would be a tapestry. That way the handle to the door could remain as it is, since the tapestry is hung a few inches away from the wall. The tapestry can be easily lifted for access to the attic. Great solution to hide the door and allow the space to still be accessed easily.

Krista’s Mom sewed red covers for the pillows that were previously dark brown on the couch. It was a good solution that didn’t cost a fortune to achieve a matching look for the room. The other nautical pillows and blankets had been purchased during the spring when stores were selling this style more abundantly.


Krista wanted the room to look brighter, so we decided together that painting the room a bright white would lighten the space. It was a good decision. We did have one wall painted with navy accents where the wall was inset.

My favorite part of the room was the toy storage until she purchased from Pottery Barn. It has large storage drawers on the bottom. For the other shelves she purchased bins for the cubbies. I made toy labels for the cubbies. Now their toys are organized and easy to find. I like all the nautical décor that was added around this piece of furniture and well as on the shelves.

There are nautical beach décor pieces all throughout the room. From large to small, we made sure every part of the room matched the theme we were going for. Right down the décor in the entertainment center, everything was selected to go with the new room theme.


Krista did the bathroom on her own and I think she did a fabulous job!


Below are the rest of the photos I took of the room today.