My husband introduced me to the WAZE app a few months ago and I am hooked. It is a FREE navigation and traffic app. We have OnStar on our SUV (which we pay for monthly), but I actually prefer WAZE. It is a real time app you use on your phone and it interacts with other drivers on the road, so it alerts you when there are police on your route, traffic, and road obstructions. It routes you the quickest way based on traffic that moment. I never even imagined such technology would ever be available. I am thankful we have it, as it has shaved time (like over an hour) off our recent road trip! Download it today and use it once and you will be hooked. You can thank me later. I should consider this a weekly giveaway since it’s free-ha!! Seriously, it is one of the best technology discoveries of the year. Here is some additional info from their website, as they can probably explain things even better.