I have been hearing about the Prestonwood Christmas musical for years. We finally got tickets this year, thanks to my friend Kelly who posted in my MOPS group the morning the tickets went on sale. I went online that morning and most of the tickets were already sold! We ended up with balcony seats, which were just fine by us, as we were so happy just getting tickets. My friend Jamie, who I used to sing with at McGregor Baptist Church and who is amazingly talented, was in the Prestonwood Christmas show. She moved to Dallas after we did and is a part of the Prestonwood church. As is her cousin Jordan Grizzard and his wife Kayla. They were stars in the show and did a fabulous job! They used to come to McGregor to visit family and would sing at our church there. Kayla’s Dad was our Pastor at McGregor- Richard Powell. His song, Alan Powell was featured in the Prestonwood show too. Dr. Powell has some talented children! Alan stars in the movie “The Song”. If you haven’t seen it, pull it up on Netflix as it is a great movie!

It was so neat going to the Prestonwood show and realizing I knew a number of the people actually staring in it! They all did a fabulous job. Jamie and I were able to meet up after the show and catch up a bit too. I am so glad to see she is doing so well! Texas seems to suite her well!

Jaime and I after the show.

Brielle also got to meet the Ballerina after the show. She was very good!! So sweet to pose for a few photos with Brielle too.

Brielle got to see the show with us. As the show was starting and Santa Claus was flying through the air on his sleigh to the stage, she said “I so wish the boys were here to see this!”. I then reminded her that they probably wouldn’t sit still for more than 5 minutes of the show. They went to the childcare at the church. I am so thankful they offered childcare! If you book tickets and want childcare you need to book that immediately too, as childcare fills up fast. We got a few photos before the show started.

The show at Prestonwood was incredible! New York City Broadway quality! For the price of $29 a ticket it’s a deal- that’s if you can get tickets. The Prestonwood website already has info about their 2017 show, but no date as to when the tickets go on sale. There is a link on their site where you can register your email so they can email you about the show and when tickets do go on sale. Click here to go to their site: http://www.prestonwoodgoc.org/faq.html

I love the fact that they encouraged photo and videos to be taken during the show. No flash allowed of course. Next year I will bring my camera! I did get photos and video on my iPhone though:

Prestonwood Video Clip: All I Want For Christmas This video clip is of the three Reindeer ladies singing “All I Want For Christmas”. The main singer, who is singing when the video starts is only like 18 years old! She is amazing! I would rather listen to her version of this song than Mariah’s any day.

Below are a few additional videos from the Prestonwood performance:

 Prestonwood- Santa Flying in His Sleigh

Prestonwood- “Gloria”

Prestonwood-Camels Arriving

Here are some photos from the Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood.