I grew up skiing with my family. I learned to ski at a young age. I initially learned at Christie Mountain in Bruce, WI. I became a proficient skier at Telemark Resort. I even went on to become a ski instructor at Wintergreen resort in Virginia during college.

My family spent a number of years staying in condos at Telemark for two weeks at a time during Christmas break. That was during the time share boom and my parents had bought in for our family vacations. We made some great family memories! Sadly, that ski hill and the resort are now closed down. I still have very fond memories at that resort with my family and other families as well, including the Colgan’s and Elworthy’s. My three sisters and I were the young skiers in the group, most of which were older teens while we were just kids. We wanted to keep up with the teens, so our skills progressed quickly as we were working hard to keep up with the teens. My brothers learned to ski there when they were literally just toddlers. The Licht family was a skiing family and I love those memories.

Ever since I even dreamed of having kids I have wanted to have my children ski too. Skiing is a great activity to do together as a family. We got that first experience this past week in Angel Fire, NM. My boys turned three this past December, so I felt they were ready to ski this year! They did great, but Brielle did even better. She went to ski school for several days and loved it.

She was riding the chair lift on the first day going down greens. She is a natural on the slopes!

The boys did a great as well. I was proud of all three of them! We are looking forward to next ski season already! Angel Fire is a great family oriented ski resort with plenty of green runs for kids just learning. We plan to go back again next year! It will be neat to see how the kids progress each year.

Justin and I skied with the twins while Brielle attended ski school.

Charlie was my ski buddy for the week.

Alex was Justin’s ski buddy for the week.

On our last day in Angel Fire we skied as a family in the morning. It never got above 20 degrees that day though, so my kids only lasted a few hours. That was ok though, as they were pretty tired from skiing the day before from opening till closing. We took the kids back to the condo for naps and then Justin and I took a few hours each to hit the slopes on our own. It was cold, but beautiful out there! It is a gorgeous mountain location!

Here are some more of the photos we took while on the slopes.

Great family bonding time was had! Charlie even said to me while riding up on the chairlift “Mommy you are my best friend”. It was the sweetest, heartfelt remark and I knew he was loving our time out there as a family. He is a great little skier. He had great balance on skis and would ski straight down without assistance. The faster the better according to his skiing preferences. Not awesome at stopping, but we will keep working on his wedge (or as we call it “pizza”). Alex was stuck to Justin like glue all week. No need for Mommy, as he was all about Daddy this week. He has such a great attitude, no tears or crying from him when he fell down. Charlie on the other hand….a few more tears were shed. In the end all three kids loved the experience which was objective number one. Learning to ski was secondary. I wanted us to be out there enjoying our time together as a family. And we did. (Next time we will get a photo of all five of us together too).