I have become a Podcast addict! My boredom with TV has turned me on to Podcasts and also books using Audible. When they have to bring the Roseanne show back to TV they have officially run out of good ideas and it’s time to turn to something more illuminating in life. (FYI I am not eliminating TV- not going to lie to you, there are some things I still like to watch).

I like to listen while I am in the house doing work. Previously, I would turn on the TV and watch peripherally, but most of the time it just became background noise. I found that I can pair my phone to a small wireless UE Boom speaker and listen while I make beds, do laundry, wash dishes, and clean. I also listen in the car. If the kids are with me in the car I listen on earbuds. If I am alone I bluetooth it through the speakers. It is nice listening to someone talk about stuff relevant to my life such as parenting, living a God centered life, and trying to be a good wife and homemaker. It’s a bonus that the ladies I listen to are also entertaining, personable, and have great wisdom to share. They also interview experts on their show about these relevant topics.  And I can easily play Podcasts while I am doing my work and I am certainly listening to something that can help me do better and be better in life.

There are three Podcasts that I highly recommend- especially for fellow Moms. Below are my three recommendations, especially for Moms in the midst of raising kids.

“At Home with Sally” hosted by Sally Clarkson. http://sallyclarkson.com

“The God Centered Mom” hosted by Heather MacFayden. http://godcenteredmom.com

Kat Lee hosts two podcasts. “Inspired to Action” and “Hello Mornings” are her programs that are  both fantastic. Her Podcasts were the first I ever listened to and they have never disappointed!   I highly recommend both of her Podcasts. https://www.hellomornings.org

You can listen to any of these Podcasts by going to their website (listed above) or you can listen on your smart phone through the Podcast app. It is amazingly wonderful that these Podcasts are all free! Take advantage today and start listening to a Podcast while you do work around the house or while you are running errands.