My brother Justin and his wife Katsuree purchased a home in a gorgeous neighborhood in Sugar Land, Texas. The streets are lined with mature, lush trees. Across the street from their home is a beautiful lake with a great deal of wildlife thriving there. We fed the ducks every day during our recent visit. My three kids and I visited them in their new home for the past five days. I went to help with decorating and finishing touches. My husband had to work, so he was not able to go with us.

Justin and Katsuree have been working for the past few months renovating their home. The entire home had to be repainted and new flooring installed throughout. Every square inch of the home’s surface is new because of their hard work. The wall doors, trim, cabinets, and even the ceilings had to be painted.

The main floor of the home was redone with porcelain tile that looks like wood. It was a great choice and looks beautiful! They had all the duct work in the home replaced. Every fabric, meaning all curtains, shades, and drapes were removed. The house previously had a smoker living there, so the entire house had to be remediated, thus the new paint on all surfaces and all new flooring. All light fixtures are in the process of being changed out as well. The home was built in the 1980’s. It is a sturdy, well constructed home with a great layout. It was however very outdated and needed some hard work. Justin and Katsuree did an amazing job. For some of the work, they hired professionals. However, a great deal of the labor has been done by Justin and Katsuree.

They had a wall torn out of the main area of the home, so that they could have an open concept between the main living room and kitchen. It was a great decision! The wall that was removed had custom, solid wood cabinets. They had the cabinets moved to another wall in the kitchen area and they fit perfectly. The kitchen cabinets were repainted as well and they look fantastic!

I failed to take photos inside the kitchen…but they have a new gas range and hood that make the kitchen more functional and looks so much better as well.

Below you can see the before and after photos. The before photos come first. You can clearly see the work that needed to be done.

Stay tuned for part two. I will head back there in a few weeks to help with a couple of the rooms they have left to complete.